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AMC's Uncharted Event Was A Dissappointment

Sony decided to try something new with the launch of its latest title in the hit Uncharted series. Sony is carting it all over the country to AMC theaters to show it off in a big event. Not only do you get to "PLAY IT FIRST IN 3D" (note all caps) you can snag a copy of the game early (on Oct. 25th) by paying for the premium $60 dollar pass. The only problem with the event is, you don't get to play it first, nor do you get to play it in 3D, nor does anyone for that matter.

Arriving at the event I was handed an Uncharted 3 satchel that is so popular with game marketers these days filled with goodies. There was a leather notebook, a subway gift card, some dlc, and a leather man band, that I'm pretty sure gave me this horrible red rash on my wrist where it was located. Or that could just be a coincidence... Filling out the form for the early copy was done on one of Sony's new tablets. I'm not sure which one, but thats probably a good thing because I'd tell you not to buy it. They were so hard to use, we all had to wait in line for about 45 minutes. After that debacle, we all went into the theater to see the game.

We were treated to old trailers and Sony commercials while we waited for the festivities to start. The event was supposed to start at 6:30, so around 6:50 things got going. They told us all to put on our 3D glasses. "This shits about to get real" I said to the person next to me. He told me not to talk to him anymore, Jim, real nice guy. Up comes the video, its the same Sony commercial we've been watching for last 30 minutes, but now in 3D. It's obviously the post process 3D also. The 3D where all the people look flat while the CG looks like it has depth. The host did not get the response he was expecting out of this, most of the audience just looked pissed. Then one of the devs came up to finally demo the game.

The demo was supposed to be in 3D, but it wasn't. So we just watched a level being played on the big screen. The game is very impressive and the fluid and excellent animation system is still amazing to behold. The level opened with a cinematic view of a city in the middle of the dessert. I honestly thought it was a cut scene until he started moving Drake down the hill. He quickly moved through several sections dispatching enemies. If you've played Uncharted you know what to expect, nothing out of the ordinary here. Move through cover and climb over stuff. We then moved on to the tournament. This was the only opportunity to "PLAY IT FIRST IN 3D." But we weren't actually playing it in 3D, nor were we playing it first. The multiplayer beta has been available for weeks now. It was a simple single elimination bracket tournament. Team Deathmatch for 5 minutes or 30 kills, whichever came first. My team lost by 3 points, but in our defense, we were winning at the 5 minute mark but the timer wasn't set.

In between rounds we were treated to more videos. We got to see a behind the scenes video talking about the engineering behind the game. The most interesting thing about this was the ship level. If you recall from Uncharted 2, the train level was completely dynamic. They have taken this approach to the massive tanker level. The ship is actually moving on top of the waves. This has an effect on the characters movement. Drake sways back and forth as he struggles to keep his balance on the huge, rocking ship. This technique made the train level very unique and the tanker level looks to take it even further. Afterwards we got to see a video play through of the cargo plane level. This was quite frustrating because it spoiled an excellent sequence. That being said, the sequence was amazing to witness on the big screen. Trying to fight off bad guys while the plane is being ripped apart around you looks exhilarating. If someone edited this game into a movie, I would watch it. That is honestly what makes this game great. If you can still get tickets to this event, it may be worth it just to get the game early, but beyond that, it was kind of a waste of time. Just play the beta and know that the single player as always, looks amazing.  

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    VG Sandwich - Articles - AMC's Uncharted Event Was A Dissappointment
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    VG Sandwich - Articles - AMC's Uncharted Event Was A Dissappointment

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